Arab spring comes to Los Angeles’ theater festival summer

  Theatre Communications Group went bold when it scheduled Mona Eltahawy to open its 50th annual conference, which closed Saturday in Los Angeles.  The Egyptian-American columnist is a mainstay read for those following the tectonic shifts of Middle East nations beyond the headlines. But for theater professionals? It’s safe to say more than one head […]

5 Things: Mistakes New Theater Companies Make

Thinking about launching your very own theater? Here’s some sound advice from Reginald Nelson, author of How to Start Your Own Theater Company and co-founder of Congo Square Theatre in Chicago.

5 Things about Ground to Cloud and 5 Things about Myth and Infrastructure

A hot ticket RADAR Festival Breakout session features  Ground to Cloud presented by Christine Marie & Ensemble and Myth and Infrastructure by Miwa Matreyek 5 Things about Ground to Cloud 1  It’s a light & shadow dance-drama. 2  It’s spiced up with a bit of menace. 3 It’s proof that a lot can be done with old tech. […]

5 Things: Playwriting Tips from Marsha Norman

Marsha Norman’s TCG playwriting workshop, “Secrets of the Great Play,” was attended by nearly 100 participants this afternoon, including eminent playwrights Philip Kan Gotanda and Deborah Laufer. Here’s Norman (night, Mother) on: Story: “The audience only cares about stories that ask questions they are wondering about right now. You don’t ask directions to a place […]

McLennan talks; Twitter responds

Arts and social media guru Douglas McLennan addressed the Theatre Communications Group conference in Los Angeles on Thursday, June 16 in a talk titled “The Community Formerly Known as the Audience: Who They Are, What They Are, What to do About It.” McLennan invited responses to the live-streamed conversation from Tweeters in the room and […]