Oh, and there’s another show in town…

There are several popular mythologies about theater audiences. Some people say that big splashy tours build general excitement for in theater, theoretically increasing interest in events like RADAR L.A. and Hollywood Fringe. But a quick poll of people attending “Les Miserables” at the Ahmanson Theater on Sunday paints a different picture. Or maybe it’s just a marketing issue…

5 Things: Chelfitsch

In Chelfitsch: Hot Pepper, Air Conditioner, and the Farewell Speech at RADAR L.A., the actors perform in Japanese with English subtitles, often to great comic effect. As office workers discuss everyday topics – a farewell lunch for a colleague, or the climate control system – their choreographed movements are incongruous, to the point of a […]

Guillermo Calderon Explains Neva’s Unconventional Lighting

Teatro en Blanco’s Neva was the first show I saw in this week’s Radar LA festival, and still my favorite of the seven I’ve seen so far. Guillermo Calderón’s script is an extraordinary homage to Chekhov that takes in the playwright, the injustice of Czarist Russia, the disappointment of the revolution and the whole endeavor […]

What Is Radar LA About?

It worked for the Fringe, so let’s try this for the other big festival in town. Above are the most common words in the descriptions of all the shows in Radar LA.

5 Things about RADAR Festival’s Titus Redux by The New American Theatre & Not Man Apart

5 responses to the question, ” What was the most visually arresting scene in Titus Redux?  1 Kerry Engel (of engine28), a reviewer for The Arizona Republic:   “The best was the rape and murder as leapfrog scene.” *** 2 Walter Ryce (of engine28), staff writer at Monterey County Weekly: “I thought the choreographed dance-rape scene was […]

The Car Plays: Jersey Turnpike

As a Jersey girl, I’ve heard all the obsessive talk comparing our car culture to that of L.A. Our traffic jams are longer! Our vehicles are bigger! You call those potholes? After seeing five vignettes at Moving Arts’ “The Car Plays” at REDCAT, though, it occurred to me that this environmental piece devised by Paul […]

Devised Theatre: A Director’s Perspective

In the production As you are now so once were we (previously staged at Ireland’s National Theater, The Abbey, and Dublin’s Absolut Fringe Festival), large cardboard boxes are stacked and unstacked, hoisted and pushed across the stage. And they’re used as props (doors, beds, tables), as the actors illustrate and re-create one day from four […]

A Prisoner’s Meal Fit for an Audience

One of the performances slated this week for RADAR L.A. is  State of Incarceration, political theater from the Los Angeles Poverty Department (LAPD). The work explores and tells stories about living conditions in California state prisons.  In the next few days, we’ll have a related profile piece, a review of the show, and a video […]

Another Voice on “The Method Gun”

So maybe you watched us debating the merits of The Method Gun. And maybe you thought, “you know what would make this conversation better? A tiger.” Rude Mechs are happy to oblige: There are more.

To video or not to video, that is the question

If anyone knows where technology is taking the age-old art of live performance, they must have come here in a time machine. But one thing seems certain: Video is becoming a more and more important element in theater. The important question is, in what ways? That’s one of the (many, many) things on my mind […]

5 Things: Diane Rodriguez on why L.A. is a theater town

Diane Rodriguez, the co-curator of RADAR L.A. and associate producer and director of new play production at Center Theatre Group, had a minute to spare between bids for her attention shortly following her “Current Programs” address at LATC. During a quick encounter in the lobby — which teemed with RADAR festival-goers and stacks of boxed […]