5 Things: Chelfitsch

In Chelfitsch: Hot Pepper, Air Conditioner, and the Farewell Speech at RADAR L.A., the actors perform in Japanese with English subtitles, often to great comic effect. As office workers discuss everyday topics – a farewell lunch for a colleague, or the climate control system – their choreographed movements are incongruous, to the point of a […]

5 Reasons Why L.A. Theatre Works Deserves More Serious Recognition

What should be one of the best-known theater companies in America doesn’t seem to ever come up in discussions of outstanding theaters. And if I were a Vegas oddsmaker (and if Vegas oddsmakers cared about theater) I’d call its chance of winning a regional theater Tony any time in the near future a longshot. I’m […]

5 Things: Mistakes New Theater Companies Make

Thinking about launching your very own theater? Here’s some sound advice from Reginald Nelson, author of How to Start Your Own Theater Company and co-founder of Congo Square Theatre in Chicago.

5 Things about RADAR Festival’s Titus Redux by The New American Theatre & Not Man Apart

5 responses to the question, ” What was the most visually arresting scene in Titus Redux?  1 Kerry Engel (of engine28), a reviewer for The Arizona Republic:   “The best was the rape and murder as leapfrog scene.” *** 2 Walter Ryce (of engine28), staff writer at Monterey County Weekly: “I thought the choreographed dance-rape scene was […]

5 Things about Ground to Cloud and 5 Things about Myth and Infrastructure

A hot ticket RADAR Festival Breakout session features  Ground to Cloud presented by Christine Marie & Ensemble and Myth and Infrastructure by Miwa Matreyek 5 Things about Ground to Cloud 1  It’s a light & shadow dance-drama. 2  It’s spiced up with a bit of menace. 3 It’s proof that a lot can be done with old tech. […]

5 Things: Playwriting Tips from Marsha Norman

Marsha Norman’s TCG playwriting workshop, “Secrets of the Great Play,” was attended by nearly 100 participants this afternoon, including eminent playwrights Philip Kan Gotanda and Deborah Laufer. Here’s Norman (night, Mother) on: Story: “The audience only cares about stories that ask questions they are wondering about right now. You don’t ask directions to a place […]

5 Things: Diane Rodriguez on why L.A. is a theater town

Diane Rodriguez, the co-curator of RADAR L.A. and associate producer and director of new play production at Center Theatre Group, had a minute to spare between bids for her attention shortly following her “Current Programs” address at LATC. During a quick encounter in the lobby — which teemed with RADAR festival-goers and stacks of boxed […]

5 Things: Great Lines from Teatro en Blanco’s Neva

There’s a lot of great language in Teatro en Blanco’s Neva, which plays this week at Radar LA (see Kerry Lengel’s rave here). Here are five of my favorite passages from Guillermo Calderón’s script, in my own, likely inaccurate translation.