Is There Life After the Fringe? (Video Interview)

In Summer “Rain” Sinclair’s Born Again Bohemian, a personal story of shedding parental baggage, the playwright’s mom dismisses the absence of Sinclair’s hippie-dippie dad, saying, “We have plans for our life, Summer, and they don’t include him.” Eventually, the plans of a grown-up Sinclair do include the man she calls Dadio. And after her Hollywood […]

‘Born Again Bohemian’: Fatherless Child Saves Herself

If you’ve ever tried to drain the poison of your childhood, or even if you just enjoy a bit of ballet and a turquoise boa, you should find something to like in “Born Again Bohemian.” Summer “Rain” Sinclair admits her one-woman Hollywood Fringe Festival show is a work in progress. But as it evolves, this […]

Gay, Black and Kind of Funny

Christmas In Bakersfield, playing at Comedy Sportz as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, will disappoint if you’re looking for the big gift but it’s a perfect stocking stuffer. Les Kurkendaal’s one-man show details the true story of meeting his boyfriend’s conservative white parents who know their son is gay but don’t know his boyfriend […]