We bring you the following disruption

They Came from the Metro. Stumbling like refugees from an apocalyptic zombie play off the Fringe, late-night riders on the Red Line had to grope their way through a tunnel to the next functioning train. An “equipment issue,” which disabled a train between Hollywood/Western and Hollywood/Vine, delayed travelers for upward of 20 minutes after midnight […]

The Car Plays: Jersey Turnpike

As a Jersey girl, I’ve heard all the obsessive talk comparing our car culture to that of L.A. Our traffic jams are longer! Our vehicles are bigger! You call those potholes? After seeing five vignettes at Moving Arts’ “The Car Plays” at REDCAT, though, it occurred to me that this environmental piece devised by Paul […]

On RADAR: Actor Clayton Farris

Los Angeles guy Clayton Farris is an actor who’s appeared at REDCAT, but his talents are being put to other uses during RADAR L.A. He’s been bartending, coordinating meals and shepherding folks around the festival. Not a lot of spare time to see shows, either, but he’s determined to get to the Rude Mechs’ “The […]

5 Things: Diane Rodriguez on why L.A. is a theater town

Diane Rodriguez, the co-curator of RADAR L.A. and associate producer and director of new play production at Center Theatre Group, had a minute to spare between bids for her attention shortly following her “Current Programs” address at LATC. During a quick encounter in the lobby — which teemed with RADAR festival-goers and stacks of boxed […]