Earnest rock & roll Jesus with a cowboy mouth wants more in the rock dept

  Cowboy Mouth, written by Sam Shepard with assistance from Patti Smith at the Chelsea Hotel in NYC in 1971, presents their love affair writ in metaphor in a one-act play that rocks, or in this case, should rock. Slim (Shepard character) is obsessively drawn to Cavale (Smith character), who hijacks his secret fantasy of […]

TVK: Outrageous and appealingly smarty-pants

Tüte Voller Kinder: Seizure No. 1 is the short subject screening before Pure Shock Value at Fringe Central. Sample random quote from a scattershot variety spoof that has everything in its gun-sights: “If I could go back and not shoot your mom in the head, I would.” Creators Jason Lind and C. Honett attack their comic […]

Pure Shock Value rocks Hollywood Fringe [Film]

All around the TCG conference and concurrent festivals, theater people are voicing questions and concerns about the viral encroachment of media into theater. Speculation on eventual outcomes abounds.  Into the fray comes the Furious Theatre Company – premiering a movie. So from the get-go, Pure Shock Value is about as encroached as it gets. Film was the […]

5 Things about RADAR Festival’s Titus Redux by The New American Theatre & Not Man Apart

5 responses to the question, ” What was the most visually arresting scene in Titus Redux?  1 Kerry Engel (of engine28), a reviewer for The Arizona Republic:   “The best was the rape and murder as leapfrog scene.” *** 2 Walter Ryce (of engine28), staff writer at Monterey County Weekly: “I thought the choreographed dance-rape scene was […]

5 Things about Ground to Cloud and 5 Things about Myth and Infrastructure

A hot ticket RADAR Festival Breakout session features  Ground to Cloud presented by Christine Marie & Ensemble and Myth and Infrastructure by Miwa Matreyek 5 Things about Ground to Cloud 1  It’s a light & shadow dance-drama. 2  It’s spiced up with a bit of menace. 3 It’s proof that a lot can be done with old tech. […]