Paul F. Tompkins Takes to the Stage to Take to the Air

Join us as we return to the thrilling days of yesternight! Paul F. Tompkins is on the air! Or, as the articulate indie-age interlocutor puts it himself, “It is once more nighttime on the internet.” Paul F. Tompkins isn’t the sort of measured performer treasured by golden age radio producers. His material is manic: contemplative […]

The Projects and Proposals Poker Game

The Projects and Proposals session of the Radar L.A. conference Thursday morning was like watching a friendly game of cards, except some of the friends had jobs and dreams at stake. Eight large ornate round tables were set up in a Biltmore hotel ballroom, tournament style. Folks sat at each table, expectantly shuffling papers they’d […]

Two-Gun Method

I’m a Method Gun glutton. I saw the Rude Mechs troupe when they came to New Haven four months ago. Last week I flew clear across the country and, amid oodles of other theatergoing delights, I sought the show out again. It’s an intoxicating piece, a sort of post-modern American Rosencranz and Guildenstern Are Dead, […]