Riveting Talk Breaks the Locks in La Razón Blindada

Inspired by the experience of playwright/director Aristides Vargas’ brother, a political prisoner of the Argentine dictatorship, La Razon Blindada (“Armored Reason”) is an extraordinary meditation on the endurance of human creativity in the face of hopelessness. In Rawson prison, a desolate Patagonian pen where the government stashed anyone who dared question the status quo, inmates […]

Guillermo Calderon Explains Neva’s Unconventional Lighting

Teatro en Blanco’s Neva was the first show I saw in this week’s Radar LA festival, and still my favorite of the seven I’ve seen so far. Guillermo Calderón’s script is an extraordinary homage to Chekhov that takes in the playwright, the injustice of Czarist Russia, the disappointment of the revolution and the whole endeavor […]

What Is Radar LA About?

It worked for the Fringe, so let’s try this for the other big festival in town. Above are the most common words in the descriptions of all the shows in Radar LA.

What Is the Fringe About?

Wondering what the shows are all about? Above, the most common words in the Hollywood Fringe Festival program. Apparently the shows are hilarious solo musical comedies about love, family, friends and America.

Another Voice on “The Method Gun”

So maybe you watched us debating the merits of The Method Gun. And maybe you thought, “you know what would make this conversation better? A tiger.” Rude Mechs are happy to oblige: There are more.

The Shows of the Hollywood Fringe, Mapped

The Hollywood Fringe Festival opened last night, kicking off frantic blast of performance. With 215 shows in 10 days, the Fringe crams as much theater into just over a week as happens in my hometown—Portland, Ore.—in an entire year. Remarkably, very nearly all of the productions are from southern California, making the topic of Tuesday’s […]

5 Things: Great Lines from Teatro en Blanco’s Neva

There’s a lot of great language in Teatro en Blanco’s Neva, which plays this week at Radar LA (see Kerry Lengel’s rave here). Here are five of my favorite passages from Guillermo Calderón’s script, in my own, likely inaccurate translation.