TVK: Outrageous and appealingly smarty-pants

Rebecca Honett appears in TVK

Tüte Voller Kinder: Seizure No. 1 is the short subject screening before Pure Shock Value at Fringe Central.

Sample random quote from a scattershot variety spoof that has everything in its gun-sights:

“If I could go back and not shoot your mom in the head, I would.”

Creators Jason Lind and C. Honett attack their comic social criticism  with a raging vengeance. It opens with a disclaimer you really have to see. It’s on tumblr, along with the rest of this 15 min film. In fact, Tüte Voller Kinder, whose title translates as Bag of Children, is a pilot project for a web series.

TVK features songs like People Putting Things in Their Mouths, which is pretty damn gross– partly because it involves eating fresh “kinder fingers,” and partly because of the way it makes you think about consumption in general. For the song, click here .

The title says it all in the bouncy number: I Wish I Could Have Sex with My Wife as a Lesbian.

My only issue with this mix of apparently politically dissident satire and other stuff is that with all-purpose criticism you wonder –what are their exact issues and targets? American flags, for instance, come into it a lot, and Uncle Sam too, but mostly without context.

If you like satire that’s subversive, outrageous, and appealingly smarty-pants, it’s not too late. Go! Remaining shows at Arts Central are Sun June 19 at 6:30. Also showings June 24, 25.  See Hollywood Fringe [Film] schedule for those times.


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