Blood Brothers

LA’s got the big-time comedy thing going–Groundlings, ImprovOlympic, Second City, etc. Places like that can break big-time careers. More modest in scope is Cold Tofu, an improv troupe that features a cast of exclusively Asian Americans.

My brother, Steve Brady, is the company’s sole Caucasian, a comedy writer and commercial actor who keeps up his stage chops in appearances with Cold Tofu once a month. So, since I’m here in LA ,covering TCG, RADAR, Hollywood Fringe, etc., it seemed appropriate that I check out the company’s show on Saturday, June 18, at one of their semi-regular venues, the Maryknoll Japanese Catholic Center (222 S. Hewitt Street). Steve’s been in LA for years with mixed success—such is life for actors—but now I had a chance to finally check him out in his LA element.

I hadn’t seen him on stage for years. We both thought the show went all right. Afterwards Steve gave me his personal walking tour of Little Tokyo, which seems to be, ironically, becoming gentrified by Caucasian interests. We passed on an op to sample mochi ice cream, but grabbed some chicken soup (big bowl, big spoon, big flavor!), had a drink at Weiland’s, and finished off the evening cruising past REDCAT for the closing night RADAR LA party. There were people there, but clearly the heart of the evening had been passed by.

Touching down with my brother is always a good thing. But despite the nice little wrinkle of seeing him on stage in LA, the evening’s highlight was sipping whiskey with him at the bar, where we got a chance to talk a little of family and a lot more about life in LaLaLand. We’re the two knuckleheads out of a family of eight children who made the decision to pursue careers in the arts. We share much, Steve and me.