The Hollywood Fringe 1-woman show picker

Out of 91 theater works in this year’s Hollywood Fringe, 19 are one-woman shows. How to pick the ones to see? This flowchart can help you narrow your choices. Choose a topic of interest from the tabs down the left margin and proceed from there. Let us know what you end up choosing!


  1. You forgot about Fatty Boombah, Lucky, and my show- Booze Boys & Brownies… there’s a lot more going on than this flow chart… maybe ask some people what to see at fringe central?

  2. Grace Suh says:

    Hi Veronica, thanks for reading. Alas: so many shows, so little flowchart. This show picker includes only those shows listed under the rubric THEATER, in an attempt to impose some sort of artificial limitation on the multi-limbed, hairy leviathan that is Hollywood Fringe.

    It was very sad abandoning the categories of COMEDY and MUSICAL, loving them dearly as I do, but time and space were, as ever, limited. Furthermore, the union representing Engine28’s flowchart elves insisted on it.

    Good luck with your show. It sounds awesome. What’s not to love about booze, boys and brownies, set to music?


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