5 Things about RADAR Festival’s Titus Redux by The New American Theatre & Not Man Apart

5 responses to the question, ” What was the most visually arresting scene in Titus Redux?

 1 Kerry Engel (of engine28), a reviewer for The Arizona Republic:

  “The best was the rape and murder as leapfrog scene.”


2 Walter Ryce (of engine28), staff writer at Monterey County Weekly:

“I thought the choreographed dance-rape scene was poetically brutal.”


3 Tim McCarty, Artistic Director of Quest Visual Theatre (Maryland):

 “Any scene without text.”

 When pressed to select just one scene he    chose  “the brothers’ violation/mutilation of  their sister.”


The first three respondents concur.  The remaining 2 have other ideas.


4 Tony Frankel of Stage & Cinema:

“The opening of the family at the table with the large video projected behind it was the most visuallly exciting. But the rest of the show couldn’t live up to it.


 5 Kathryn Osenlund (me)  (engine28 and CurtainUp.com):

  “Best visual was the soldier  dance.   Five soldiers with guns, wearing camouflage fatigues dance against a bright red backdrop.”


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