5 Things about Ground to Cloud and 5 Things about Myth and Infrastructure

A hot ticket RADAR Festival Breakout session features  Ground to Cloud presented by Christine Marie & Ensemble and Myth and Infrastructure by Miwa Matreyek

5 Things about Ground to Cloud

1  It’s a light & shadow dance-drama.

2  It’s spiced up with a bit of menace.

3 It’s proof that a lot can be done with old tech.

4 But the devil is in the details. It wants finesse.

5 Don’t let a nice concept go on for far too long.


5 Things about Myth and Infrastructure

1 Light & shadow plus great graphics is better than light & shadow alone.

2 It’s a display of technical magic.

3 A giant shadow traversing a projected bright city looks really cool.

4 But there’s a line between cute and cutesy.

5 Even magic diminishes when it crosses that line.


5 Things : A sampling of reactions to these two presentations from a captive audience in the elevator apres-show.

 Audience member reactions to Ground to Cloud–

1 It was a good effort.

2 It needed polish.

3 It was like a school project.

The final 2 reactions are to Myth and Infrastructure:

4 It was awesome and happy.

5 The creator’s technical expertise was impressive