And Another Thing…Theatre Joke Countdown #9

An architect, a surgeon, and a theater’s props manager are brought together for an experiment focused on the spatial-cognitive processes of intellectuals in various professions.

Each specialist is taken into an isolation booths, completely from from external stimuli. Each booth contains a trio of baseball-sized metal balls.

The booths are then sealed off.

After two days, the architect’s booth is opened. She has constructed a geometrically-perfect pyramid with the balls, yielding insights into stress dynamics and materials tension.

The surgeon’s booth is opened. She has placed the balls in a formation that hints at the nature of the unexplored regions of the human genome, solving some fundamental questions involving genetics and DNA.

The props manager’s booth is opened. The booth interior is a shambles and there are no balls to be found. The scientists’ naturally asked what happened.

“Okay, okay,” says the props guy, “I admit I did lose the first ball. But I swear I don’t know what happened to the second one, and besides, you only gave me two balls to begin with.”

Look for Theatre Joke Countdown #8 soon. –Lou Harry