And Another Thing…: Is L.A. a Theater Town?

Perhaps the organizers of the “Is L.A. a Theater Town” panel discussion were being a bit presumptuous.

No, I’m not talking about the big theaters/little theaters controversy reported here. I’m talking about the assumption that Los Angeles is the only town with the initials L.A.

What about Los Alamos, New Mexico? Or….okay, what about Los Alamos, New Mexico?

So in the interest of fairness, I ask: Is Los Alamos a theater town?

Located about 882 miles from Los Angeles, Los Alamos does have an arts and crafts fair, a chalk walk, a series of coffee house concerts, a kite festival, and a potentially interesting Samba Project.

Alas, the only theater touted by the Los Alamos Arts Council is an annual visit from the Montana-based Missoula Children’s Theater.

So, no, Los Alamos is not a theater town.

At least, not yet.—Lou Harry


  1. I love that the NEA is paying for this “content” and “education in arts journalism.”